Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A collection of dogs

I finally complied an illustration which features a bunch of my dog studies. I did two versions, one with names of some my dog friends and one with out. I sketched my dog buddies at Sugar Pond, at the Rumsford Dog park and the "Flaca Vaca" farm (plus a few other dog friends from my neighborhood). I treasure my walks around the pond in the mornings. I've made some great friends on those walks, both human and canine. Thank you Sugar pond friends (you know who you are), for the years of great conversations and comfort to just be myself. Also a shout out to Paco, Heidi and favorite crew in Stamford NY. (Click on the image to see it close up)
Here's the link to buy a print/bag/mug:


  1. Love these. Ursa didn't make the cut, but I am confident she will in the new year.

  2. yes..she's on there but w/o the name(no room). She's on the left of the lower right side, in the green square. She's also the last dog on the post about the dog sketchbook. :) fluffy Ursa!

  3. oops..I mean on the lower right side...sorry.